Propane Space Heater Safety

Propane Space Heaters & Safety  As the winter season quickly approaches, you may be wondering how to keep your home warm without accumulating an outrageous energy bill. If you’re unsure where to begin, the experts at Annapolis Propane & Fuels are here to help. Propane is an efficient, safe, affordable, and effective way to heat your home during the winter months. As the consumer’s choice for propane in Maryland, our trusted team is here to […]

Basement Heating In the Winter

Prepare Your Home For Winter To avoid any unnecessary damage, it’s crucial to prepare your property for each new season. If you’re not quite sure where to turn, you’re in luck! The experts at Annapolis Propane & Fuels are here to assist our valued customers throughout the western shore of Maryland as we offer various basement heating options for your convenience. As the consumer’s choice for propane in Maryland, our local business is your one-stop-shop […]

Safety Tips For Grilling This Summer

Summer Grilling When the weather is nice, many people love to pull out their grills and cook an assortment of delicious meats and vegetables to celebrate the arrival of summer. Summer grilling is a fun pastime that brings people together to enjoy spectacular food and good company. When using a grill, it is vital to follow summer grilling safety tips for how to play it safe and keep your food looking tasty. Here at Annapolis Propane & […]

Why Is My Room So Cold?

Why Is My Room So Cold? Walking through your home, is there a noticeable temperature difference between different rooms? Do you often wonder, “Why is my room so cold?” We can help you locate the potential cause, so your home has even temperatures throughout. There are likely reasons for the temperature drop, including dirty air vents, cracked ductwork, or worn window insulation. Our service technicians have assembled this list of simple tips for how to fix […]

Sizes For Food Truck Propane Systems

What Is The Best Propane Tank Size For My Food Truck? Running a food truck business is an excellent way to provide high-quality food to the masses while having the versatility to move from place to place. Choosing a food truck with propane capabilities can reduce your costs and provide a highly-efficient energy source for kitchen appliances. It is essential to learn how much propane does a food truck use when determining what tank size […]

Optimizing Your Energy Efficiency

Have you assessed how efficiently your home is running? With a few simple changes, you can easily convert your home into an energy efficient home, reduce your carbon footprint drastically and, more importantly, keep some money in your pocket! We’ve compiled a list of 10 places to check and things you can do to achieve your home’s energy full efficiency potential. Cooling and Heating Patterns According to the U.S. Department of Emergency, nearly half of […]

Dependability in Drivers

dependable drivers

Dependability is something, whether we realize it or not, we search for in every aspect of our day. Whether it’s depending on the barista at your local coffee shop to make your coffee “just right”, depending on our fellow employees to do their part for a major project deadline or depending on a significant other to help with that really tough task we just can’t handle ourselves – dependability is a necessity when it comes […]

Inside a Transferrable Service Agreement

We know what you’re thinking, what in the world is a transferrable service agreement? This terminology is what we call the situation when our service is transferred from one customer to another. What are the situations that might call for a transferrable service agreement? A home owner that moves out of their home and sells their property A new home buyer that is buying a propane-powered home with existing service A new tenant in a […]

What Makes a Firelog Set Work?

Your firelog set does more than just sit there and look pretty. We’ve dug into all the details that make up your firelog set and thought we’d share these components with you.   Gas Valve – This allows the gas propane to flow out to ignite the fire. This is always located within arm’s reach of the firebox. (firebox: the chamber of a boiler in which the fuel is burned)   Pilot Assembly – A gas valve that […]

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