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If you have a propane tank, then one of the most important factors to know is how to read its tank gauge. Even though it is such a small component, your tank gauge is essential because it keeps you informed about how much propane you have left to enjoy and when it is the right time to have a professional from Annapolis Propane & Fuels stop by to refill your tank. You should never have
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Summer is finally here, meaning it is time to get outside and enjoy the splendor of Mother Nature. Some of the most popular activities to do this time of year include grilling up all sorts of tasty delights, taking some leisurely laps in a heated pool, and starting up your fire pit for everyone to sit around at night and talk for hours on end. What all these activities share in common is that they
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Warm weather is finally here, which means it is time to get outside in the sunshine and do all sorts of fun activities. Naturally, a staple to really celebrate the return of the spring and summer seasons is to fire up the grill and cook a feast for your loved ones. The professionals at your propane supplier suggest that you consider powering your outdoor cooking with propane this season! Why? There are a number of
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