Propane Buses Improve Children’s Health And Test Scores


It may be easier than you think to improve the health of children, leading to an increase in their academic success. A recent study conducted at Georgia State University revealed a simple, cost-effective solution: cleaner-running school buses.

Your local propane supplier understands clean air in natural environments has a lasting impact on overall health, and propane school buses are one way we can improve the quality of the air the children breathe. While time spent outdoors is the best way to keep children healthy, many students spend a considerable amount of time riding to and from school every day. This is why it is so important to consider a switch from diesel to propane, the cleaner alternative to school transportation.  

A cleaner-running school bus can make a big difference. Previous research has shown the toxic particulate matters expelled from diesel exhaust can greatly increase the risk of asthma, other respiratory diseases, and possibly even lung cancer. This makes it an obvious choice to switch over to low-emission propane buses, which significantly reduce these harmful side effects. And the benefits don’t stop there. 

In addition to improving the overall respiratory health of students, school districts that switch to propane for all of their school buses can even improve test scores. That’s right. Students who ride to school on a bus using propane fuel showed a 7.8 percent increase in test scores after the district switched over from diesel. Now that’s smart transportation!

This is a relatively inexpensive way to invest in students. With a 30 to 50 percent decrease in cost to operate these cleaner buses, diesel-powered school buses just don’t make sense any longer. Districts can improve children’s health, increase test scores, and save money. The savings can then be used on teacher salaries, books, and other programs that boost academic success.

When you consider the fact that most children ride a bus to and from school every day, it’s worth taking a closer look at the air quality inside and around these buses. Surprisingly cost-effective, this small investment can create long-term benefits for children’s health and success. 

It’s time to clear the air on school transportation. Millions of students across the United States are breathing cleaner air on their way to school, and the benefits are hard to ignore. Clean and affordable propane can reduce harmful emissions and have a big impact on our youngest population. Give our Energy Consultants at Annapolis Propane & Fuels a call to learn more about this excellent energy option.

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