Safe Appliance Installation Rebate Program

The Safe Appliance Installation Rebate Program, organized by the Mid-Atlantic Propane Gas Association, offers a $200 rebate upon installation of a new propane-fueled water heater in new or existing construction.

There are 100 rebates available at the amount of $200 per rebate. These rebates are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Installation and inspection of the water heater must be completed by December 31, 2019.

Eligible Installations

  • For installations in existing homes, the new propane water heater must replace an existing electric or natural gas appliance.
  • Installations in travel trailers, mobile or manufactured homes not in permanent residential or commercial use are ineligible.
  • Both tank style and tankless water heaters are eligible.
  • The installation must take place on real property located within Delaware or Maryland and be clearly identified by physical address on the rebate application.
  • Eligible water heaters must be propane-fueled, either a storage-type rated at not less than 30 gallons water capacity or a continuous (tankless) type rated at not less than 50,000 Btu/hour input.
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