How Can I Be Energy Efficient This Fall?

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You can’t help but notice the chill in the air deepens as fall gradually gives way to winter. Winter is indeed coming, and that means we’ll be bundling up very soon. The professionals at Annapolis Propane & Fuels want you to be able to stay warm this season, all while staying energy efficient. Here are a couple of tips to remain efficient this fall and enjoy autumn’s bounty with complete peace of mind. 

Regulate Your Home’s Temperature

Though it is tempting to crank up your thermostat and be as cozy as you can, doing so can come with a quite expensive price tag. No one wants to find surprises in their energy bills, which is why we suggest the following tips:

– Set the thermostat at a temperature that is both low and comfortable. 

– Lower the temperature of your thermostat by 10 to 15 degrees when you leave the house or go to sleep. Doing so can possibly help you save about 10% on your energy bills.

– Want to do both of the above? Try using a programmable thermostat to make it even easier

– Turn down the temperature of your water heater to its warm setting (which typically is around 120 degrees). 

Let The Sunlight In

The sun is a potent heating source in the winter, so use it to your advantage. The light coming in during the day can keep your home warm for the morning and afternoon.

– Open your blinds and curtains. Not only will the rays bring warmth, but the sun will also brighten the house, so you do not have to use your lights.

– You will be able to keep your thermostat temperature low or even off with the extra warmth. 

Ensure No Heat Is Leaking Out

One of the largest enemies to being energy efficient is having all of that precious heat slowly leak out. This issue is often one that can sneak by undetected for long periods of time. To avoid being cold and suffering the costs, you should:

– Use towels or specially-made draft stoppers on the bottom of doors and around windows to keep the heat in and the cold out. 

– Expand your search around the home to include attic doors, access doors (think doggy door), and other openings. 

– Add caulk to seal cracks on walls. 

Reach Out To Your Propane Supplier

A surefire way to remain energy efficient this fall is to use propane as your primary heating source. We at Annapolis Propane & Fuels are glad to tell you that propane delivers more BTUs than natural gas, as well as burns less volume per hour than natural gas. It is also a cleaner-burning alternative to traditional oil or coal. Our Energy Consultants encourage you to give us a call at 410-923-9199 and let us tell you more about how propane will become your new best friend as the seasons change.

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