Propane Safety Tips

propane safety tips

Essential Propane Tank Safety Tips

Choosing propane is an incredibly efficient and safe way to heat your home. Like most things, it is always good to understand what this heating fuel can do so you have a secure environment for your family. Our energy consultants have assembled this information detailing important propane safety tips to enhance your awareness and provide a clear response during an emergency. We want you to have peace of mind using propane as your heating fuel, along with the valuable knowledge to identify a hazardous situation. Take a look below, and ask an energy consultant at Annapolis Propane & Fuels for more information if you have more questions about propane safety tips.

propane odor when tank is low

Q: Can I Smell Propane?

A: Propane is odorless, but an odorant is added as an alert if a leak occurs. The smell is very distinct, and it will resemble rotten eggs or the spray from a skunk. Here are critical steps to take even if you detect the faintest smell of propane:

  • Do not make flames or sparks: Extinguish all smoking material and open flames immediately. Do not use your cell phone, home telephone, lights, and appliances because the smallest spark could cause a fire or explosion.
  • Leave this area immediately: This propane safety tip is important for everyone to follow because a propane leak is a hazardous situation. It is best to leave and find a safe place right away.
  • Turn Off Your Propane: Shut down the main gas supply valve on your propane tank if it is safe to do so. The value needs to be turned clockwise to shut it off (to the right).
  • Contact us about the leak: When you find a safe place, call Annapolis Propane & Fuels at 410-923-9199 to report the leak, and it is also a good propane safety tip to contact 911 or your local fire department as well.
  • Stay away from your home or business: Do not re-enter the building until one of our expert technicians or an emergency responder has completed a rigorous inspection of your propane system to guarantee it is leak-free.
  • Get a complete heating system check: One of our trained service technicians will respond to do a full system check before you use any of your propane appliances. We will make sure your system is 100% leak-free.

Q: What Occurs if Your Propane Runs Out?

A: Increased usage or an undetected leak can cause your propane tank to become empty, and this causes the pilot light for every propane-powered appliance to be outed, which is extremely dangerous. If one of these gas lines or values stays open, a leak could reoccur when your system is refilled. There is usually a powerful propane odor when the tank is low because the fuel begins to settle. It is a crucial propane safety tip to close all valves and call us for a leak check, system restart, and refill if you run out of propane.

Q: How Can I Prepare for Severe Weather?

A: Severe weather can strike at any time, whether it is heavy thunderstorms in the spring and summer or a strong Nor’easter in the winter. Another propane safety tip our team recommends is keeping debris clear from your tank. High winds could blow debris and hit your propane tank. It is also important to monitor your fuel level, contact us several days before the storm, and we can do a refill.

propane safety tips

Contact the Propane Experts

Propane is a very safe and cost-effective choice for your home or business heating fuel. Contact Annapolis Propane & Fuels to learn more about this exceptional heating fuel. Review these critical propane safety tips, so you can detect and react to a hazardous situation.

propane safety tips

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