Fireplace Inserts & Log Sets

Fireplace Inserts: What Are The Benefits?

When the colder weather begins to arrive, many residential and commercial property owners have one thing on the brain: how can I stay warm this season and still keep my budget intact? The experts at Annapolis Propane & Fuels are here to help. Propane fireplace inserts provide property owners an affordable, efficient, and safe way to add some extra heat to their home or office without having to touch the central heating controls. With that being said, our service professionals are thrilled to cover the many ways your home or business can benefit from the installation of one of our quality propane fireplace inserts. Contact us today!


Propane Fireplace Log Sets

Ready to enjoy a cozy ambiance in your home? Our quality fireplace log sets are up for the job. In our selection, you will find three sizes available: 18”, 24”, and 30”. In addition, you will also discover two different types of log sets — vented and non-vented. So what’s the difference, you ask?


Vented: Vented log sets are typically installed in an existing fireplace in your home. The appearance of this system complements your fireplace as the log set is placed within the system. Vented propane fireplace log sets are attractive and create a cozy atmosphere for all to enjoy.


Non-Vented: Non-vented log sets do not require an existing fireplace to be installed in your home. This method still provides an attractive feature, and also allows more heat to stay within your home or office.


Propane Fireplace Inserts

Stay cozy this season with one of our fireplace inserts to keep you warm! Choose from leading brands including Mendota, White Mountain Hearth, Peterson, and more. Our inserts come in two types for your convenience.


Vented Propane Fireplace Insert: This type of insert utilizes two vent pipes to produce heat. One vent to support the system’s combustion, and the other to assist with the exhaustion of combustion to the outside of the vent.


Ventless Propane Fireplace Insert: This effective method utilizes the air in your space for combustion and produces heat directly from the energy in the room.


Fireplace Insert Benefits 

A traditional fireplace creates a cozy environment many could stay in forever. Fireplace inserts, however, provide homeowners with a conservative alternative to the usual method that does not take away but instead adds to the benefits. Our selection of fireplace inserts in Maryland offers a way to add a touch of a modern, contemporary feel to your home without the cost of a hefty renovation. Eager to enjoy the coming season in front of one of our quality fireplace inserts in Maryland? Contact us to learn how to save on your energy bill today.

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