How Do I Prepare For A Cold Winter?

Winter Preparedness

Start Winterizing This Summer!

How do you prepare for the upcoming freezing temperatures? As we approach the end of summer, we are moving closer to the cold days of winter. Although we still have a few months of comfortable weather, it is wise to start preparing for the cold now. If you wait until the snow, wind, and frigid temperatures come, it may be harder to accomplish your goals; prices may go up and product availability may become scarce. We have all experienced the frustratingly long lines and empty shelves at the grocery store or being stuck at home and completely unprepared when an unexpected blizzard hits. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Take advantage of this fantastic summer weather, and be sure to stock up on necessary supplies at your local propane supplier, check your home heating system, and winterize your property and your vehicle. So let’s work together and tackle the cold before it comes! Here are some ways to prepare for the arrival of winter before summer says goodbye. 

A Winterized Home

To thoroughly prepare your home for the harsh winter temperatures, start by making sure that your home is insulated. Since hot air rises, this means your attic as well needs to be properly insulated so that the hot air will not escape. In addition to insulation, you’ll want to caulk the drafty window sills or door frames or utilize weather stripping to save money and stay cozy. You can also prepare your home by having your furnace, chimney, and fireplace cleaned and replacing all of your air filters. A little effort in the summer can be more efficient and save you from vexation and discomfort in the winter. Prepare today by visiting your destination for home heating in Annapolis so that you and your family will stay cozy all winter long!

A Winterized Car

To avoid searching for your ice scraper before work with numb fingers and a bitter smile, stock and assemble your emergency kit while the weather is splendid. Inside of your 72- hour emergency kit should contain warmth, alternate power, and other essentials like non-perishable food, water, and first aid items. Wardrobe essentials like scarves, hats, gloves, and a blanket will make traveling in the harsh cold more comfortable. It would be wise to stock an ice scraper, bright-color flags, a small snow shovel, rock salt for melting ice, and sand for traction. In the unfortunate event that you find yourself stranded in a blizzard or stuck in a snow pile, you’ll be glad you prepared for the worst ahead of time this summer!

Building snow igloos during the next winter wonderland will be more of a grand adventure rather than a stressful experience when you accomplish all of your propane sales with us in advance. The next time you find yourself at home looking for ways to be productive in these hazy days of summer, start the winterization process in your home and vehicle. By taking the time today to prepare for the inevitable blustery winter ahead, you’ll be able to curl up by your fireplace with a cozy book and hot tea, without a worry in the world. Annapolis Propane & Fuels is eager to help you prepare for the arctic cold ahead of time, save you money on winter services,  and provide you with maximum comfort all winter long. Give us a call today!

Winter Preparedness