How Do I Read My Propane Tank Gauge?

Propane Gauges

Many homeowners today are turning to propane as a source of energy in their homes and offices due to the numerous benefits, such as keeping your environmental temperature at a comfortable level in any weather condition. Propane can also be used for hot water, fireplaces, outdoor lighting and heat, and cooking, both indoors, and out. It is essential to have a local propane supplier that you can always depend on for your needs. Do you power your home or business with propane, but are unsure of how to check your tank gauge? While we highly recommend automatic delivery, knowing how to read your propane tank gauge is important, whether you’re on automatic or will-call delivery. Checking the gauge levels regularly to avoid running out is always a good idea, and part of good home management. If your tank does run out of propane, you may require an inspection and restart. 

The gauge on your propane tank can be accessed by lifting the dome-shaped lid covering the connections to protect them from harsh weather conditions. After opening the lid, look for the round measuring instrument (it sort of looks like a speedometer). Generally, the numbers range from 5 to 95, but depending on the tank size and age, it may be a little different. All propane tanks, both above and underground, are filled to 80 percent as a full fill, as propane needs room to expand because it’s a gas. We recommend that when your tank gauge reads 30 percent that you give us a call to schedule a delivery. This allows our team plenty of time to schedule, route, and make the delivery. Take a look at our helpful chart linked below as a reference to understanding your propane level based on the size of your tank, and give us a call today!

Propane Gauge Chart