Hurricane Safety Tips

hurricane safety

Batten Down The Hatches! Hurricane Season Has Arrived!

We are in the midst of the 2019 mid-Atlantic hurricane season, and Annapolis Fuels & Propane wants you to be prepared. Every year from June through November, we are glued to the weather forecast, hoping those big storms miss us, but we must always be ready in case one does hit. There are simple safety measures that you can take to protect your loved ones and property.

Before A Hurricane

– Make sure you have an adequate supply of propane in your tank. It’s crucial to ensure you keep a sufficient amount of propane in your tank to keep the system running smoothly during bad weather (ask us about Automatic Delivery). If the hurricane aftermath is extended, propane and other fuels may not be readily available, and the roads may be inaccessible for a few days. But you’ll be up and running with no problem with adequate supply and Automatic Delivery!

– Prep your propane tank for hurricane season. In flood zone areas, the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) requires that large above-ground and underground propane tanks be anchored securely to avoid potentially dangerous situations. We can help ensure your tank is hurricane-ready, especially if you are in a flood zone.

– Learn how to turn off your propane tank and indoor propane appliances. Keep a list of instructions detailing how to perform all shutoffs.

– Create an emergency preparedness plan. Review it regularly with your family and make a preparedness kit to keep them safe during a potential disaster.

During A Hurricane

– Evacuate when necessary. Listen to your local authorities or television and radio stations for instructions on the appropriate course of action to take with regards to leaving your area if necessary.

– If a hurricane threatens your safety, shut off your propane. Whether it is determined that you should stay or leave, shut off your propane if the storm is going to threaten your home directly. To turn off the main supply valve on your propane tank, turn the valve to the right (clockwise). Never turn the gas back on yourself. Contact us for assistance in turning it back on.

After A Hurricane

– Use caution when returning home. If an evacuation was ordered, wait until local authorities have announced it is safe to return.

– Check for damage. After the hurricane danger passes and it’s safe to do so, check the area for downed power lines, damaged gas lines, or damage to your propane tank.

– Call your service technician. If you suspect any of your propane appliances or equipment have been underwater or they have been damaged, or you have turned off your gas supply, schedule a time for a qualified service technician to perform a complete inspection of your propane system. The technician can also perform a leak test on the system and relight your pilot lights.

– Standby until your system is inspected. Do not use or operate appliances or equipment or turn on the propane supply until your system has been inspected by one of our qualified service technicians.

– A standby propane generator is an excellent way to protect your home during weather-related power outages. One of our energy consultants will be more than happy to assist you with selecting a backup propane generator that is appropriate for your home. 

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