Why Is Properly Sized HVAC Important?

Are you building your dream home? Or maybe you are renovating your current home with new heating and cooling systems. Before you select a system and have it professionally installed, your local propane supplier wants to make sure that the size of your HVAC system fits the needs of your family and your home.

An HVAC professional will determine the heating and cooling load of your household, and they will use that calculation to determine the proper size for your specific needs. The more you know about this decision, the better because it will directly affect you as a consumer — and as the person who pays the utility bills! An HVAC system that is too small or too large for a home can result in wasted energy, decreased performance, and a higher utility bill. That’s the last thing a homeowner wants to see in their mailbox!

Before an HVAC professional determines the size that is right for you, they will first consider the amount of heating and cooling that your home needs. However, the heating and cooling loads are based on several different factors. When you have general knowledge about these factors, you can work with your HVAC professional and be an advocate to make sure the right size system is installed in your home. The following factors are considered when determining which size system is right for a home: 

The Design of Your Home

Every home is different, and it’s these variations in a home’s layout, overall insulation levels, and placement that determine the design load. These specifications are a great starting point when deciding which size system is best for your home. This is just a general guide, however, and the design itself should not be the only factor considered. Be sure that you and your HVAC professional combine your design with other elements to make the best decision. 

The Extreme Weather Where You Live

Depending on where you live, you may face extremely hot or extremely cold conditions. While these conditions are rare, your HVAC specialist should look at your specific climate when selecting a system to accommodate those blistering Sahara Desert heat waves and the frigid Arctic blasts.   

The Partial Load

There will be many times when your heating and cooling system has a reduced demand. When this happens, even properly-sized equipment may turn on and off, hindering energy efficiency, humidity control, and comfort. So more often than not, an HVAC system is being asked to run at partial load.

Selecting the Right Size HVAC for Your Home

Your HVAC professional will do the load calculations for you, but it’s helpful for homeowners to be aware of the factors that help to determine the size of their heating and cooling system. This will ensure maximum comfort inside your home and reduce utility bills. Homeowners also can save money by switching to a high-efficiency propane furnace to heat both small homes and larger layouts. These propane furnaces have ratings between 90 and 98 percent, and make for a valuable addition to a variety of layouts. 

The proper size for your home will ensure that you are cozy in winter and cool in summer. Contact our energy consultants at Annapolis Propane & Fuels today to learn more about propane savings and the best energy system size for your home.

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