Managing Your Energy Through COVID-19

With multi-state “stay-at-home” orders, we’re all mostly in the same boat. “Quarantine life” can increase your propane and other energy usage since everyone is at home at the same time, as opposed to work and school and utilizing their energy sources. Here are a few ways to manage your energy usage through the COVID-19 Pandemic. Be sure to keep checking back for added tips and tricks!

Check Your Tank Gauge

Because we’re all at home more now, it’s important to understand your family will be using more of your resources. A typical home running on propane for main heat, hot water, and cooking typically uses around 600 gallons per year. That’s on a normal schedule when the kids are at school and mom and dad are at work, with everyone home on the weekends. With everyone home at one time all the time, you may be using more fuel than normal.

Keep an eye on your gauge during this COVID-19 pandemic. Even if you’re on automatic delivery. We want to make sure that if you are in need of a delivery, that we know about it and we can get you on the schedule promptly.

Propane Cooking

What can I do to manage my propane usage when I’m preparing 3 meals a day plus snacks?

  • Now’s the time to start meal prepping, bulk cooking once or twice a week and storing it will help save time and money! Get the kids involved and turn it into Home Economics or Science class! Proportions and fractions and all! And it helps with healthier eating!
  • Check the seal on your oven door, make sure it’s a tight seal and no heat is seeping out and becoming wasted energy!
  • Cover up any drafty spots near doors and windows to keep the warmth in.

Propane-Powered Hot Water

With increased activity in the home, your hot water heater doesn’t have to suffer. The standard “water management” tips still apply.

  • Don’t let the water run when brushing your teeth
  • Take short showers instead of long baths
  • We know there are more dishes with everyone home at once, but running your dishwasher when it’s a full load only, and not a half load, will help. So pack it all in there! Give it room to clean though!
  • You could lower the temperature of your water from the standard 120* in 10* increments. Have a tanked water heater and want to increase the efficiency of your hot water usage? When it’s safe to do so on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ll be here to install a top of the line Rinnai® tankless water heater in your home.

Home Comfort

With peeks into Spring during the day and chillier temps at night, and the COVID-19 pandemic happening, you might be perplexed with what temperature to have your home set to for efficiency? While a “comfortable” temperature is relative to individual preference, we might have an answer. Some people are comfortable with their home being at 65*, while others want it to be 75*. Humidity levels also are important in home comfort, with 55% humidity being ideal for a comfortable and healthy environment. So ideally somewhere around 70* will be beneficial to your health, your comfort, and your fuel usage.

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