Facts & Myths About Propane

interesting facts about propane

Interesting Facts About Propane

A swiftly-growing energy choice for homes and businesses is propane. This fuel is incredibly reliable and efficient to heat your home, use while cooking, power your tankless hot water heaters, and provide fuel for buses, farm irrigation engines, forklifts, and fleet vehicles. Propane efficiency is one of the many reasons why this fuel is a popular choice because it uses less energy to heat a home or fuel a system while providing savings for utility expenses. The energy advisors at Annapolis Propane & Fuels assembled this list of interesting facts about propane, so you can learn more about the fuel while debunking some myths.

Propane Facts

  • Propane is clean. It is listed as an approved clean fuel in the 1990 Clean Air Act. Compared to other fuels, propane reduces greenhouse emissions, carbon dioxide, and air pollutants, including carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. 
  • Propane is safe for the environment. Propane does not leave a residue, pool, or spill, so soil and water are safe if there is a propane leak.
  • Propane is affordable. This interesting fact about propane shows how the heating fuel is readily available for distribution, and its efficiency keeps the price down. One of the advantages of propane from us is you can lock in a consistent 11-month price through The Promise Plan. Contact our energy consultants for more pricing information.
  • Propane is mostly supplied domestically. About 90% of the propane supply in the United States is produced in this country. About three-quarters of the other 10 percent are produced in Canada or Mexico. An interesting fact about propane is it comes from domestic natural gas processing, where it is then compressed and stored as a non-toxic, colorless, and mostly odorless liquid. The odor is added to the fuel for detection. 
  • Propane is efficient. Propane runs much warmer than heating systems that use electricity, and this gives propane the advantage of being just a fraction of the cost of other heating fuels. Propane heats cooking systems quicker and more efficiently than electric cooktops. Another interesting fact about propane is this fuel will reduce static in dryers and lessening wrinkles without the need for fabric softener.
  • Propane appliances have a longer life. Propane furnaces last much longer than electric ones, and have lower maintenance costs.

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Propane Myths

  • Propane is unsafe. Some have concerns about using propane due to what would happen if the fuel leaks. The good news is, the liquid would evaporate during a leak. There also is newer technology that will automatically stop the system if a fuel leak is detected.
  • Just one size. This also is a myth because propane tanks come in various sizes depending on the application.
  • Propane works slower. This is another myth because the true interesting fact about propane is the fuel can heat the air up to 140 degrees, where an electric heat pump only produces heat below 98 degrees.
  • Propane is only for grills. There are many usages for propane to go along with grilling, such as whole home and business heating, generators, vehicle power, water heating, and much more.
  • Propane equipment needs more maintenance. Not only is propane efficient, its equipment has a longer life than electric heat pumps, and the maintenance is needed less, wrestling in money savings.
  • Propane is very expensive. This is another myth because encompassing all the factors, such as efficiency, how long equipment lasts, and maintenance, shows that propane is a very cost-effective selection.

Choose Propane Today!

Enjoy all the benefits of choosing propane as your heating fuel for your home of business. After reviewing these interesting facts about propane, you can see just how exceptional this heating fuel is to not just warming homes but also for providing energy to a multitude of appliances. Contact an Annapolis Propane & Fuels energy consultant to learn more about propane and how you can get it delivered to your home or business. Call us at 410-923-9199 or fill out our contact form below.

interesting facts about propane

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