Prep for the Holidays Starting with Your Gas Fireplace

If you’re like us, as the holiday season approaches – you’re finding yourself longing for the cozy crackling of a fire to light up your living area. You’re probably imagining all the memories to come at your next holiday you will be hosting and all there is to prep. When we all think about prepping for the holiday we often think about the home decor, the menu plans and seating charts… but how does your propane fireplace fit into your preparation plans? Because most fireplaces are not used throughout the warmer months, your fireplace will need its own level of prep to ensure you have a cozy holiday season.

Fireplace Cleaning Tips
Schedule your annual cleaning –
Avoid the hassle of searching through those DIY YouTube videos and have your fireplace professionally cleaned by a trusted propane company like us here Annapolis Propane & Fuel. These cleanings often occur during the summer and fall months so you can sit back and relax by the fire in no time.

Take Another Look at Your Owner’s Manual –
If you’re a DIY-spirited person, we understand that too! Before you fire up your gas fireplace, be sure to refresh your mind with a glance at your owner’s manual. Every fireplace is different which means each requires a different type of cleaning and maintenance to stay functional and safe.

Inspect the Outdoor Vent –
Your fireplace vent can become clogged with debris from lack of use. Lighting a fire without checking this step could be a fire hazard and cause unsafe carbon monoxide levels within your home. A thorough inspection of your outdoor vent is a simple step but a very important one.

Assess Your Glass Covering –
Not only does the glass covering make an attractive appearance to your fireplace, the enclosure actually regulates carbon monoxide while your fireplace is on. Be sure to check for any cracks or chips to avoid any harmful fumes being let into your home.

Dust Off the Logs and Rocks –
When not in use, the ceramic logs, rocks or beads can become dusty. While this won’t pose a hazard, it can cause a very unpleasant smell when the fire starts burning if not dusted off. Keep your fireplace and your nose happy by brushing this off prior to using the fireplace for the season.

Dust the Blower –
The electric blower in your fireplace helps circulate the warm air through your home. Like all the other components we’ve mentioned here of your propane fireplace, the blower may become dusty or clogged and need cleaning. #ProTip: To avoid months’ worth of dust mess in your home, locate and unplug the blower. Dust away any substance with a stiff bristled brush. Don’t forget to plug the blower back in when you’re done!

Inspect Your Pilot Light –
Look for any loose or exposed wires. These wiring issues are rare but can occur typically due to rodent infestations, deterioration over time or sometimes even from storms! If you do happen to spot any wiring issues, be sure to contact our office right away to have them assessed before you turn the pilot light on. If no issues are found and everything appears to be in working order, test that the pilot light responds to the controls as it should. If not, reach out to us and we’ll schedule an onsite visit to check it out. (NOTE: We must provide the propane at the home for us to work on a unit)

Consult a Professional and Schedule Your Inspection
Don’t risk cleaning your fireplace if you’re uneasy about it – call an expert and schedule an inspection. Our Annapolis Propane & Fuel service team would be more than happy to schedule your next appointment with a Qualified Service Technician to assist in your propane fireplace cleaning or inspection. While on the phone with our service representative, be sure to ask about any current or upcoming specials for fireplace inserts or log sets.  Call us today to learn more!

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