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Propane Prices In Maryland

Enjoy Consistent Propane Prices In Maryland

A tremendous comfort in life is having confidence and consistency because it allows you to plan ahead. The challenges change day by day, but your heating bill is something that can stay the same throughout the year without sudden increases. We provide that dependability through our Promise Plan, which gives consistent propane prices in Maryland every month to avoid dramatic increases during the peak heating season. As your local propane company in Maryland, we are committed to giving our customers high-caliber products at low prices. Winter is a season that increases heating use, but our Promise Plan will keep your bills from ballooning. Our consistent propane prices in Maryland allow you to budget your expenses with better accuracy, save money, and use that money saved for family fun, such as holiday trips or home improvement projects. Our Maryland propane prices provide peace of mind because you know your bill will be the same month after month. Contact Annapolis Propane & Fuels today, and a customer care rep can tell you more about the Promise Plan and begin the enrollment process.

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How The Promise Plan Works

  • We estimate your annual fuel expenses based on fuel delivery history from previous years. New customers will have their monthly payments estimated based on the number of deliveries needed to keep their tank full, especially during the cold winter months.
  • The estimated annual amount will be divided into 11 consistent monthly payments, with the 12th month being a “catch-up” month. If your actual fuel costs are higher or lower than estimated, we’ll address that in the 12th month of your plan.
  • Do not worry about cranking up your heat on those bitter cold nights because your propane prices in Maryland stay the same courtesy of the Promise Plan.

Promise Plan Advantages

  • Customers earn a credit every month they have a credit balance on their account. We calculate the credit on a 3% APR, and apply it automatically to your account.
  • On the Promise Plan, your fuel deliveries will be made on an Automatic Delivery basis.
  • With our “No Run Out” guarantee your home will stay warm and toasty throughout the winter. If we accidentally allow you to run out, we will deliver fuel within 4 hours and apply a $100* credit to your account.
  • With the Price Cap Option, you can lock in your maximum price per gallon for your estimated annual gallons. If the propane prices in Maryland drop below your cap, you will pay the lower price. If prices go above the cap price, you only pay the price cap. You will always pay the lowest price. Guaranteed.

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Join The Promise Plan Today!

Heating with propane is less expensive than other heating fuels. Enrolling in the Promise Plan provides this exceptional heating fuel at a consistent price that you can depend on. Start paying your level monthly payments now and you’ll have funds available to use when cold weather hits. This reliability and savings can clear your mind to focus on other projects around the house and invest the money into family trips or a new vehicle. When the weather turns the coldest, you never have to worry about how much fuel you’re using because your monthly payment has already been agreed upon. Go ahead, and get comfortable on the couch with the assurance of the Promise Plan. Contact an Annapolis Propane & Fuels customer care rep to learn more about enrolling in this excellent plan and our propane prices in Maryland. Click on the link below and complete our contact form, or call us at 410-923-9199.

Click here to view The Promise Plan Terms and Conditions.

Propane Prices In Maryland

*$100 credit is only available to Promise Plan customers. Non-Promise Plan Automatic Delivery customers receive a $50 account credit if we accidentally let you run out of fuel.