Payment Plans

The Promise Plan: A Level Monthly Payment Plan

No one ever wants to deal with bulky propane bills, especially through the long cold winters. The experts at Annapolis Propane, your Maryland propane provider, understand how much of a burden, financial or otherwise, that can be. That is why we are proud to offer a level payment program tailored to your unique needs and will relieve the stress of bulky winter fuel bills. We call it the Promise Plan and it allows you to spread out your annual fuel costs over one year.

Price Protection

You have the option to protect your price of propane annually with a Price Protection cap, for a nominal fee. With Price Protection, your price per gallon will never go above the set price cap during the period. If fuel prices drop below the capped price, you will pay the lowest price. You’ll have both upside and downside protection. The price cap can be done with or without the Promise Plan.

For Promise Plan customers, the price protection cap applies to the total number of gallons estimated for the current plan period. Any fuel purchased beyond the total number of gallons estimated will be billed at the market price on the date of delivery.

For non-Promise Plan customers, your price cap fee will be billed upfront for the annual period.

Pre-Buy Your Fuel

With the pre-buy option, you purchase your gallons for the year in full at a discounted rate. If you use more than the purchased gallons, you’ll pay the market price for those gallons over the pre-buy gallons. If you use fewer gallons than purchased, gallons will not carry over to the next year. However the dollar value for those gallons can be carried over and applied to future purchases, or it may be refunded at your request.

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