Propane Space Heater Safety

Propane Space Heaters & Safety 

As the winter season quickly approaches, you may be wondering how to keep your home warm without accumulating an outrageous energy bill. If you’re unsure where to begin, the experts at Annapolis Propane & Fuels are here to help. Propane is an efficient, safe, affordable, and effective way to heat your home during the winter months. As the consumer’s choice for propane in Maryland, our trusted team is here to provide our family, friends, and fellow homeowners with a reliable way to stay warm without piling on the blankets, fuzzy socks, or energy bills. Propane space heaters are a safe way to supplement heat in your home if they are correctly used. We have supplied a few propane space heater safety tips to get you started.

Propane Space Heater Safety Tips

It’s important to remember to remain alert when your propane space heater is in use and follow this brief overview of indoor propane space heater safety guidelines.

Choose the Right Size

One of the essential rules in propane space heater fire safety is understanding what size you need for your living space. Our team can help you determine that today!

Avoid Placing Anything on Your Heater

Avoid placing anything directly on top of your propane space heater to prevent fires.

Keep a Window Open

When you’re trying to stay warm, the thought of opening a window may not make sense. However, opening a window provides a vent for the carbon monoxide and allows heaters to run longer.

Never Leave Your Heater Unattended

To use your space heater safely, you need to ensure it is never on without someone present.

Only Run When You’re Cold

To keep your space heater in good condition and avoid any unexpected fires, the best way to stay safe is to only use it when you need it. 

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