Tips To Save On Your Home Energy Bill

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Your home is a haven from the brutal cold and wind that winter brings to the region, and using propane will keep the house comfortable even in the harshest conditions. Propane is an incredibly efficient heating fuel that will save you money over an electric option, but the energy consultants at Annapolis Propane & Fuels have more tips for how to save money on a heating bill. A significant advantage propane has over electric is the fuel heats the air up to 140 degrees while an electric heat pump only puts out heat around 98 degrees. This dramatic difference allows propane to heat more in shorter intervals, reducing the amount of time your system is running. How you use your energy or set up your home also can reduce energy use, thus saving more money on your heating bill. Adjusting thermostat settings, checking air vents, and receiving regular maintenance for your heating system are ways to save money on a heating bill, even when using propane. Also, enrolling in the Promise Plan provides the benefit of receiving a consistent bill throughout the year without the risk of it becoming more expensive during the peak winter season. We also offer Price Protection and the option to pre-buy your fuel as ways to plan your annual home heating budget. The energy consultants at Annapolis Propane & Fuels assembled this list for how to save money on a propane heating bill, so take a look below and contact us if you have any questions.

Reduce Energy Use

Turning your thermostat up is not always the answer to maintaining a comfortable home because that can lead to more fuel usage and a higher heating bill. Here are some ways to conserve energy but still keep your house comfortable:


·  While you are home, find a consistent temperature that is comfortable and do not go any higher. Constant changes in the thermostat setting make a heating system work harder and use more fuel.

·  Another option for how to save money on a propane heating bill is reducing the temperature up to 15 degrees when you are not home for an extended period or when you go to sleep at night. These adjustments can earn a heating bill savings of about 10% because your system is running less frequently.

·  When you use an exhaust fan warmed air is pulled from your home. Keeping exhaust fan to a minimum is another excellent example of how to save money on a propane heating bill in Maryland.


Prevent Leak and Heating Blockages

Drafts from windows, blocked heating vents, and a mechanical problem can cause your system to work harder than it needs to or not at all. These are some ideas for how to save money on a propane heating bill with regular home and system checks.

·  Check all your windows to feel if cold air is entering. If located, add rubber window strips to the area to block the draft.

·  Heating vents are at floor level and can get easily blocked by furniture. Make sure they are not obstructed.

·  Regular maintenance is another way for how to save money on a propane heating bill. Frequently replace filter vents for better airflow, and use a wire brush to clean the flue vent. Also, contact an HVAC professional for routine service so your system performs at its optimal level.


Choose The Promise Plan


Energy usage fluctuates throughout the year, with colder months often using more fuel. We offer The Promise Plan to give our customers consistent monthly payments rather than a drastic increase in certain parts of the year. We will estimate your annual fuel usage and divide the amount into 11 consistent monthly bills. The final month will be a catch-up month where if you use less fuel, a credit will be applied to your account. If more is used, the customer pays the difference. You can also lock in a price cap through our Price Protection program if fuel costs increase during the year. You also can save by pre-buying fuel for the year at a discounted rate. Contact an Annapolis Fuel & Propane energy consultant at 410-923-9199 to learn more about how to save money on a propane heating bill and to receive exceptional service from us. 

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