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Meeting All Your Needs for Propane in Annapolis

At Annapolis Propane, we operate as a full-service propane supplier. Our business was created to fill a void left by the large, national companies that treat you like a number, rather than knowing you by name. There is a reason we are the leading propane company in the local area: we do more to meet the needs of our clients. We proudly serve residential and commercial clients in Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, and beyond. Rely on our trained, experienced, professional and friendly team to help you effectively manage your propane needs.

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We Offer the Following Services

Tank Installation

Propane tank installation is a delicate process, and one that you need to take seriously to be sure all local, state and federal requirements are met. Our experienced technicians can help you find the right tank, place it in a safe location, and then handle the installation and long-term maintenance properly.


We take the hassle out of propane delivery services by delivering your order automatically. Our sophisticated, industry specific software projects your next delivery so you never have to worry about running out.

Promise Plan

Our 12 month level payment plan will make it even easier to budget for your propane needs.


If propane is essential to your business, form a partnership with our company. We can provide better service faster, more affordably, and with less hassle than our competition. Rely on us, and know that your business always has the propane it needs.


From backyard BBQs to holiday heating, propane and the comfort it provides is important to your family. At Annapolis Propane, we treat all of our customers with respect, no matter how often you order, or how much you buy.