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A Level Payment Plan For All Budgets

PROMISE PLAN Level Monthly Payment Plan

No matter how much or how little propane you use to heat your home and run your high-efficiency gas appliances, everybody dreads those big winter fuel bills. Our Promise Plan eliminates big winter bills by allowing you to pay for your propane over 12 months.

Here Is How Our Promise Plan Works

We estimate your yearly propane heating bill based on your previous usage and other factors, and we divide the total amount into 12 level monthly payments. No matter how cold it gets or how much fuel you use, you’ll pay the same level amount each month, making it much easier to plan your monthly household expenses. We review your Promise Plan account periodically and, in the event that your propane usage is significantly higher or lower than expected, make the appropriate adjustments to your monthly payment amount.

Propane Price Protection

With propane prices so unpredictable, Annapolis Propane offers you our Promise Plan with Price Protection, which lowers your winter fuel bills and offers you the option of “capping” your propane price.

With the Promise Plan, you’ll make 12 equal monthly payments, based on our estimate of how much fuel you will need throughout the year. If you choose a cap, your propane price is guaranteed not to go above a set “ceiling” price no matter what happens in the fuel markets.

How a Price Cap Works

With a price cap, you agree to pay a set per-gallon price for your propane that is typically higher than the market price, but is guaranteed not to go above a set “cap” price. The price cap program includes downside protection as well; if propane prices drop below the cap, your price will go down too.

To find out more about our Promise Plan, contact us today at 410-923-9199 to receive a free estimate!