Six Facts or Myths About Propane

propane myths

Propane is a rapidly-growing energy source that is used in your home or business. It is taken mostly from domestic natural gas processing, and then compressed and stored as a non-toxic, colorless, and mostly odorless liquid (odor is added for detection). We are proud to offer fuel for your heating systems, common household appliances such as for cooking, tankless hot water heaters, and as fuel for forklifts, farm irrigation engines, fleet vehicles, and buses. Advancing technology continues to grow this fuel’s utilization. The team at Annapolis Propane & Fuels wants to help you learn more about the advantages of choosing propane with this chart. You also can contact our propane sales staff for any additional questions. 

Propane Facts

Propane is clean. The 1990 Clean Air Act lists propane as an approved clean fuel. Using propane over other fuels reduces greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, and air pollutants such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. 

Propane is affordable. Compared with other energy sources, the price of propane is generally lower. The Propane’s average price continues to be customer-friendly because of its continued growth. Our Energy Consultants can answer any questions you have about pricing.

Propane is efficient. Running your heating system efficiently is the best way to save money. The strength of using propane comes with running much warmer and at the fraction of the cost of a heating system that runs on electric. Drying clothes is quicker with less static when using a propane dryer system over an electric unit. This creates fewer wrinkles, even without a fabric softener, and is easy on fabrics.

Propane Myths

Propane is unsafe. Using propane may be a concern to some, but propane systems are very safe, just like other heating systems. If by chance liquid propane leaks, it vaporizes in the air. Newer technology has led to automatic fuel shut-offs and leak alarms to alert you of any issues. Our expert staff can demonstrate the different safety features associated with your heating system. 

Only one size. Depending on the application and use, different propane tank sizes are available, and underground options also are available.

Propane heats slower than other fuels. Propane has a warmer heating point than electric systems, allowing it to be a very efficient source of heat for your home or office. A propane furnace can heat the air up to about 140 degrees when an electric heat pump produces heat below 98 degrees.

Your home or business will receive many advantages from propane with its high-efficiency performance, safety record, and cost savings compared to other energy sources. Another excellent benefit that Annapolis Propane & Fuels provides is various delivery options. Give us a call today and our Energy Consultants can help you learn more about all the benefits of using propane.

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