Sizes For Food Truck Propane Systems

What Is The Best Propane Tank Size For My Food Truck?

Running a food truck business is an excellent way to provide high-quality food to the masses while having the versatility to move from place to place. Choosing a food truck with propane capabilities can reduce your costs and provide a highly-efficient energy source for kitchen appliances. It is essential to learn how much propane does a food truck use when determining what tank size you want so there is enough fuel to power your business each day. Our energy consultants compiled this list to detail the BTU capacities for various propane tank sizes and how to determine the appropriate size needed for your truck. Contact Annapolis Propane & Fuels to learn more about installing a propane tank on your food truck.

Calculate Fuel Usage

To find out your propane’s duration, first, locate all the BTU ratings for the appliances that will be using propane. This information is located on the appliance or in the owner’s manual. Add the total BTUs for the appliances, and then divide the BTU rating for your propane tank by the total BTU rating for your appliances. The number you get is how many hours the propane tank will supply fuel for all the food truck appliances at 100 percent. The typical weight for BTU ratings for propane tanks are:


  • A 20-lb. propane tank has a BTU capacity of 430,270
  • A 30-lb. propane tank has a BTU capacity of 649,980
  • A 40-lb. propane tank has a BTU capacity of 860,542
  • A 100-lb. propane tank has a BTU capacity of 2,160,509

Contact Us For Propane Services

We can help with your food truck propane system by providing this high-quality and cost-effective fuel for your business. Our energy consultants can go over the various options, such as if multiple propane tanks will be needed. Call Annapolis Propane & Fuels at 410-923-9199 for more information, or complete our contact form with your inquiry.

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