Smooth Your Transition into the Heating Season

Schedule Your Annual Maintenance
One of the best ways to prepare for the brisk weather to come is to make sure your heating system is up for the task. While the weather is getting colder and the items of clothing we put on in the morning is increasing, your heating fuel bill shouldn’t be. Preventative care is by far the best way to ensure an efficient heating season. Have you scheduled your annual system maintenance yet? Having an annual maintenance service on your system will help keep it healthy throughout the year. It will also catch any underlying problems and fix those issues before they turn into big problems. Which ultimately means that’s more money in the bank to keep buying those winter-proof sweaters. Ask us about a service plan from our Preferred Service Provider Comfort Plus Services today!

Enroll in Automatic Delivery
There’s nothing worse than running out of fuel in the dead of winter…NOBODY should have to experience that! Avoid the worry and set up your account on Automatic Delivery. You’ll never have to call for a delivery, struggle to find a random stick in your yard to check the heating oil, or experience a fuel run out again. We take on the responsibility of monitoring your fuel usage and keep your tank from running out. We forecast your fuel demand based on your appliances, usage, and the weather using a specialized formula for energy consumption to ensure we’re adequately fueling your tank. As an Automatic Delivery customer, you’ll also have the peace of mind in our “No Run-Out” guarantee – a promise to you that if we accidentally let you run out of fuel, we’ll guarantee same-day delivery to your account AND credit your account $50. While this is rare, it’s a guarantee we believe in as we never want a neighbor of ours out of heat.

Enroll in the Promise Plan
Same monthly bill, our promise for your total peace of mind. No one wants the bulky fuel bill that the winter months bring, especially during brutally cold winters (Remember the below zero days we’ve had?). We get that – we know how much of a financial burden it can bring. That’s why here at Annapolis Propane & Fuels we offer a level payment plan that is tailored to your unique needs and allows you to spread out your annual fuel costs over one year. Whether you use propane, heating oil, or kerosene to keep your warm home, the Promise Plan is available on all heating products.

To bring your family and your budget a little extra assurance throughout the year, ­ask us about our Price Protection option that serves as a cap to protect your price per gallon. You can benefit from this option whether or not you are enrolled in the Promise Plan. It’s available for a small additional fee.

Stay ahead of the rush for warmth and avoid the stress over this heating season. Contact us today to make your propane deliveries one less thing to stress about.

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