Propane Vs. Electric

Affordable & Efficient Choosing an energy source that suits your needs and budget is not an easy feat. Annapolis Propane & Fuels would like to offer Maryland residents the opportunity to learn how to choose which is right for their homes and businesses as we cover the pros and cons of propane vs. electric heat. Take a moment to follow along as we expand upon propane’s versatility and its numerous benefits, including affordable prices and […]

What is Temporary Heat?

During the brisk winter months, many builders will use propane for temporary construction to heat their projects and keep things moving. While weather in this area can be unpredictable, temporary heat is a great solution to guarantee your project is not. With weather that can drop down to single digits in the drop of a hat, simple construction tasks such as painting or installing drywall become nearly impossible. Temporary heat serves as a protective layer […]

Propane Furnace FAQ

Propane Furnace FAQ

Propane heat is rapidly becoming a popular choice among consumers due to the factors of comfort, efficiency, and carbon reduction. Propane-fueled furnaces provide an excellent source of temperate heating in any climate, and they most certainly save you money! Whether you are considering making the switch to propane heat, or already have a propane furnace that you would like to upgrade, you likely have a number of questions that you would like answered prior to […]

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