Rinnai tankless water heater

Heat With Long-Lasting Efficiency

Hot water is used throughout the day, from washing dishes and clothes to a relaxing shower. You desire the very best, and that is why we are proud to offer the Rinnai® Tankless Water Heater, the #1 selling tankless water heating systems in the United States. This top-notch water heater provides an endless supply of hot water for your home or business with a lifespan of up to 20 years, twice as long as tanked water heaters. The limited Rinnai® tankless water heater warranty backs the heat exchanger, so you have peace of mind with the high quality of the system throughout its lifespan. There are three versions for the Rinnai® Tankless Water Heater: High-Efficiency, Super High-Efficiency, and the Tank/Tankless Hybrid Series. Each of these versions has several variants, and the Annapolis Propane & Fuels energy consultants can help you pick the best setup for your home. Call us or fill out our contact form to learn more about our Rinnai® Tankless Water Heater services and to schedule an installation.

Rinnai Tankless Water Heater installation

Enjoy Excellent Performance

You use several water-based appliances within your home at the same time, and choosing a Rinnai® Tankless Water Heater allows them to run at maximum efficiency without sacrificing warmth. This tankless water heater warms the flow as it passes through the system rather than heating water stored in a tank. While dishes are being cleaned and clothes are in the washing machine, take a relaxing hot shower with the confidence that the hot water will not run out. This system is environmentally friendly with a Green rating of up to 96% efficient and ENERGY STAR® qualified. This water heater has an add-on battery back-up system available, so if your power goes out, it will still supply heat for all your water needs. One of the best parts about the Rinnai® Tankless Water Heater is its size allows it to hang on the wall, taking up less space than tanked water heaters. You will not have to worry about clearing a large area in your home for installation. Ask an energy consultant from Annapolis Propane & Fuels about the different water heater options, and apply for financing with our online application.

Rinnai Tankless Water Heater service

Rinnai® Tankless Water Heater Installation

Our installation process starts with a free in-home consultation to determine the best solution. We also can place a custom order with a vast amount of sizes and colors available from Rinnai®. We are your premier destination for Rinnai® Tankless Water Heaters, and you can schedule a consultation by calling 410-923-9199 or by completing our contact form below.

Rinnai tankless water heater

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