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You can depend on Annapolis Propane & Fuels to be your local propane supplier as customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business. We always make sure that our equipment is both clean and functioning, ready to help you with your propane. Our staff is dependable and punctual, always putting customer service as our top priority. We are on hand 24/7 to handle your propane needs so contact us today.

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Tom E. Pasadena , MD

I find your company good to work with – great rates and no hassle service. I do believe the best form of advertising is ‘word of mouth’ and I do try and persuade others to consider Annapolis Propane for their needs.

Kelly K

Hello Mr. Burkhead, I wanted to send a quick email to share the experience I had as a new customer to Annapolis Propane. The administrative assistants, Kathleen, Erin, and Sherry were polite,efficient and knowledgeable about your services. I did receive a follow up call as promised. The technician Greg was very thorough and unrushed even though I was his last stop for the evening. This gentleman took the time to explain everything he was doing during the safety inspection and did not act annoyed as I followed him around observing. At the end of the appointment Greg began to speak about the company he worked for, praising them for their honesty, integrity and good work ethics. I felt this was expressed genuinely and as a new client I was very pleased to have selected Annapolis Propane as my supplier. It was Greg's stellar service which prompted me to write this email.It has been a pleasure to meet your staff and I look forward to doing business with Annapolis Propane. Thanks for the excellent customer service.

Mary Shiplet Pasadena, MD

Showed up at 9:00 am as promised on a very icy morning to deliver our new tanks. (We were with Suburban.) The installer was very professional checking to make sure all gas appliances were working properly. He also explained how to shut off the valves on the tanks. I was mainly impressed with the placement of the tanks that had to be 10 ft. away from a spark source. Our old tanks placed by United Propane were placed less that 5 ft from a spark source.

Bob Federalsburg, MD

I had to write to let your company know how fast, efficient and capable Chip and Joe were installing my new 500 gallon tank. Under adverse rainy, cold and muddy conditions, Joe manipulated the tank into place like a wizard and amazingly kept the truck from getting stuck in the mud, all in about one hour. He and Chip had the tank hooked up (tied into another 500 gallon tank) and running quickly and they had to troubleshoot my family room stove to get the pilot light lit again. It took both of them to figure out the problem. Your propane delivery truck arrived immediately after and now I have about 800 gallons of propane online to run my emergency generator and appliances through the worst storms… I will be anxious to use your company for future gas appliance and troubleshooting problems which I anticipate in the near future as I add a basement gas wall furnace…

Warren F. Linthicum Heights, MD

To Annapolis Propane management, I live at 8XX XXXXX Ave. Your company just installed 2 100 gallon tanks for my pool heater. I just wanted to say that it was one of the best experiences I've had in a long time dealing with a company. The people that answered the phone were great. The salesman was great and the installers were top notch. They did an excellent job. They were polite professional and the workmanship was impeccable. Thank You, Warren F.

Bobby, Chef/Owner The Point Crab House & Grill

Dear Mr. McMahan, Being a small business owner I hear some praises from customers every now and then but mostly I hear issues and deal with ways to overcome their dissatisfaction in one way or another. I wanted to take a minute to properly recognize the team at Annapolis Propane for a service emergency we had recently at our restaurant. Of course the issue took place while I was at the beach for a brief vacation with my family but my management team did a good job of figuring out what had happened and contacted the proper channels to get the problem resolved. By the time I was made aware of the issue I contacted the main number at Annapolis Propane in a bit of a panic to ensure that they were aware of the urgency and to see if I could get an idea of a time frame of when the service team may be able to make it out. Mrs. Sherrie let me know that the team was already onsite, had been there for some time and were probably close to finishing up. She also gave me Chip's cell phone so I could get an update of the situation. She was extremely helpful, very responsive and right on top of the job. As a customer I obviously appreciate that very much. I then called Chip's cell and by the ring tone I could tell he was on another call so I quickly hung up because I didn't want to be a bother. Afterward I called my manager on duty and she briefly updated me and handed her cell to a tech on the job. I believe his name was Joe but I'm not 100% certain. He was extremely professional, friendly and incredibly helpful. He was remarkably thorough and gave me an update on everything that had happened and how long it would be before we were back up and running. He went above and beyond to prime our boiler and fire them back up as well. I can't thank the team enough for their help, service and professionalism that day. Our boilers were completely down for lunch service and the team at Annapolis Propane responded remarkably fast and with a great deal of professionalism and amazing customer service from the reception desk, the service team and fill truck. I believe Greg was also onsite that day as well. We had a restaurant full of about three hundred people with absolutely no boilers, no crabs, no shrimp, clams, etc. and they completely saved our butts for dinner service. So THANK YOU ALL!!!! As the operator of our restaurant I realize every day that our business is way bigger than myself personally and that it takes a great deal of people to make it succeed. I do my best to recognize our staff and thank them every opportunity I have. My employees work as hard as I do and are the lifeblood of my company. I'm very lucky to have the staff that I have and I believe that Tri-Gas is very lucky to have the team at Annapolis Propane. I'm a very loyal person by nature. I'm constantly hammered by salesman trying to sell me fish, beef, crab, poultry, produce and of course, propane. I tell all these salespeople the same thing "I know it's tough out there and I appreciate what you're doing. But if I switch over to your company because you can save me such-and-such and pound or such and such and gallon, what's going to stop me from doing the same thing to you the next time another sales guy comes in here after you?" It's about service. It's about relationships and loyalty. My vendors are very important to me. I realize it's a two way street and I appreciate all my vendors and the work they do for me. After the response of Sherrie, Chip, Joe and Greg last week and the way they handled my issue, I can't imagine what would ever cause me to stray from Annapolis Propane. I will continue to recommend them, use them in our next restaurant and promote them in any way I can. Just wanted to let you know. All my best.

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