The Propane Powered Home

propane company in Maryland

Annapolis Propane & Fuels is Your Local Propane Company in Maryland

People are always looking to improve the way that they power their homes to make it cheaper and more efficient. It doesn’t matter what you’re using your power for, from cooking to heating your home to doing your laundry, everyone needs power in their daily lives. Annapolis Propane & Fuels proudly supports the propane-powered home. It is always a great idea to use propane as an abundant and clean energy source. You should weigh the advantages of using propane instead of electric to power your home so that you can figure out if this is the right option for what you need.

How Can I Use Propane?

  • Laundry
  • Stovetop cooking or grilling
  • Generators
  • Fireplace Inserts
  • Water Heating

Why Should I Use Propane?

  • Environmentally Friendly and Safe: We mentioned earlier that propane is a totally clean energy source. Propane is non-toxic and insoluble when it is in water, so you won’t worry about water or soil problems if an issue happens. Propane is released as a gas, so you don’t have to worry about spilling it.
  • Affordable Price: Using propane usually costs nearly HALF as much per BTU as electricity. If you want to save on your next energy bill, maybe you should try using propane instead of electric power.
  • Reliable Power: You may be out of hot water, the ability to cook, or heat for your home if an electrical outage occurs. You should always have access to the amenities you need, even if there is a power outage. Using propane will allow you to remain in comfort no matter the weather situation.
  • Accessibility: Not only is propane easy to find and easy to move, but it can also be used no matter where you are. From populated cities to the sprawling countryside, propane can give you the power you need no matter where you live.
  • Gets Warmer: An electric heating system is typically about 20 degrees cooler than a propane heating system. Get the heat you need by using propane.
  • Easy Maintenance: Propane-fuel furnaces will usually last about five to ten years longer than electric heat pumps.

propane company in Maryland

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