Why Is My Room So Cold?

Why Is My Room So Cold?

Walking through your home, is there a noticeable temperature difference between different rooms? Do you often wonder, “Why is my room so cold?” We can help you locate the potential cause, so your home has even temperatures throughout. There are likely reasons for the temperature drop, including dirty air vents, cracked ductwork, or worn window insulation. Our service technicians have assembled this list of simple tips for how to fix a cold room so that you can enjoy a comfortable environment during winter. Take a look at the details below, and contact Annapolis Propane & Fuels for additional information today.

Clean Heating Vents

The performance of heating vents could be a cause of a certain room being much colder. The low temperature could be caused by furniture blocking the air vent, preventing the heat from freely flowing into the room. Also, dirty air vents could cause an airflow blockage. Remove the external grates, and use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dirt.


Apply Ductwork Gap-Sealant

If you continue to wonder, “Why is my room so cold?” contact an HVAC professional to check for cracks in the heating ductwork. They can solve this issue by applying a gap-sealant product, sealing the crack, and keeping the warm air from escaping.


Add Rubber Window Strips

Leaking air from a window could cause a room to be colder, and applying a rubber sealing strip to the window will block the draft from entering. This simple fix can also dramatically help your heating bill because your heating system won’t have to warm cold air coming from the outside continually.


Contact the Heating Experts

Solving these problems will make your heating system run more efficiently, and in the end, save more money. If you still wonder, “Why is my room so cold?” contact our energy experts today for more information. Simply call Annapolis Propane & Fuels at 410-923-9199, or write to us about your issue using our contact form below.

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