Why You Should Grill With Propane

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Warm weather is finally here, which means it is time to get outside in the sunshine and do all sorts of fun activities. Naturally, a staple to really celebrate the return of the spring and summer seasons is to fire up the grill and cook a feast for your loved ones. The professionals at your propane supplier suggest that you consider powering your outdoor cooking with propane this season! Why? There are a number of benefits in choosing a propane-powered grill. Check out what the experienced team at Annapolis Propane & Fuels suggest regarding why it is a fantastic idea to grill with propane this spring and summer.

The Benefits Of A Propane-Powered Grill

Believe it or not, grilling with propane is actually healthier than using charcoal. That is because propane reduces the chances of the carcinogens named PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) and HCAs (heterocyclic amines) entering your food. Carcinogens are any substances that promote the formation of cancer through the disruption of cellular metabolic processes. Charcoal causes the fat from meat to drip onto the coals below, which generates more smoke that has the potential to coat your food with these harmful, carcinogenic PAHs and HCAs.

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Grilling with propane is also better for the environment than using charcoal or another source of fuel because it produces fewer carbon emissions. It has been estimated that cooking with charcoal can cause more than 100 times the amount of carbon monoxide compared to cooking with propane, which is quite a shocking amount. By choosing a propane-powered grill, you can also eliminate the messy clean-up that often happens with a charcoal grill. As you can see, using propane for your cooking adventures is definitely the way to go.

The staff at your propane supplier will be glad to tell you more about why grilling with propane is the superior method, as well as provide you with plenty of propane to fuel all of your grilling fun. Contact Annapolis Propane & Fuels and elevate the way you grill today!

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