Why You Should Grill With Propane

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Fire Up The Grill

After a long week in the office, many love to spend their weekends behind the grill cooking up something delicious for their family. Here at Annapolis Propane & Fuels, we are your home for all things propane in Maryland, and we take that role very seriously. Our expert team has put together some information on the benefits of propane grilling vs. charcoal grilling for your convenience and enjoyment as we gear up for another weekend of fun. Propane grilling is superior to charcoal grilling due to the source’s versatility, affordability, and overall health benefits. Propane has become heavily used by many as it is reliable, efficient, and offers users a clean heating source versus the smoke produced when using charcoal. Read on to learn about the benefits of propane grilling vs. charcoal grilling.

Propane Grilling vs. Charcoal Grilling 

One of the main reasons grill users switch to propane grilling vs. charcoal is due to the health benefits that propane offers. Propane is healthier than charcoal grilling because of the heat source’s ability to reduce carcinogens such as PAHs and HCAs that can enter your food or your lungs through the smoke. Other differences between these two grilling methods are:

Pros of Propane

  • Low temperatures are achieved easily when using propane
  • Propane grills light immediately and cook quickly
  • Users are able to grill faster and with more convenience

Pros of Charcoal

  • Charcoal is typically less expensive
  • Charcoal offers a tasty flavor
  • Charcoal is widely available

Cons of Propane

  • Propane grills can take up a lot more space
  • Users must have propane on hand in case they run out while cooking
  • There can occasionally be less flavor in what you grill

Cons of Charcoal

  • Charcoal grills can take a while to preheat
  • Ash residue is created, which can be harmful to users.
  • You must monitor the temperature constantly throughout cooking

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Other benefits of propane grilling vs. charcoal include that it is more environmentally friendly as it reduces carbon emissions, and it is also readily available. Our propane experts are ready to assist you during this transition and answer any questions about this heat source. We can also provide more information regarding our propane delivery system that makes firing up the grill a breeze when you’re ready for your next cookout.


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